The Hilarious Reason Pink Wanted To Make Her Tour Documentary

All parents have probably felt “M!ssundaztood” at one point or another when it comes to raising their kids, but Pink is making sure she has plenty of receipts to one day prove to her youngins that she was always a bada** mama. In fact, the artist has been gathering evidence throughout the filming of her documentary ‘All I Know So Far,’ set to give a behind-the-scenes look of the aerialist balancing motherhood and touring. 

“As kids, for my kids, we all create this narrative for ourselves about how tough our childhood was and how awful our parents were, and so they’ll have that narrative about me I’m sure, and then they can go back and watch this and realize that they made it all up and that I was actually fantastic,” Pink joked while debuting the documentary’s trailer during her May 11 appearance on “The Ellen Show.”

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