The Sun: Prince Harry ‘said a final goodbye’ to Chelsy Davy while he was in the UK

The British tabloids are not content with simply regurgitating old news about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. How many times can they beat the same dead horse? How many ways can they cry about how Harry and Meghan aren’t in England right now, or that Harry hasn’t abandoned his wife and child to… ride to the rescue or something. So The Sun has a new idea: they’re insinuate that Harry cheated on Meghan with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Prince Harry said a final goodbye to ex-flame Chelsy Davy during a leaving party with pals, reports claim. The Duke, 35, was alone in London after Meghan, 38, returned to Canada immediately after their final appearance together at the Commonwealth Day ceremony two weeks ago. Lawyer Chelsy, 34, dated Harry on and off for seven years from 2004 before they finally split 2011. The long-time girlfriend and Harry stayed in touch but decided to end any contact after he married Meghan, 38, in May 2018.

Harry met up with Chelsy after friends arranged a leaving bash while Meghan was back in Canada with Archie. A friend said: “Harry knew it would be impossible to see all his pals individually, so a few of them decided to organise a gathering before he returned to Canada. Harry was beaming when he walked into the room and everyone was there waiting for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Chelsy. He gave her the biggest hug. He was thrilled she was there. She and Harry have a serious connection, but I doubt they would ever hook up on anything. Some joked that he didn’t want Meghan tracking him down on GPS. Spending time with people he cares about dearly reminded Harry of the good old days, when he didn’t have a care in the world.

“He’s gotten in trouble with her before for drinking too much and staying out late. Nothing happened between Harry and Chelsy and deep down Meghan trusts him,” the pal told New Idea magazine in Australia.

A spokesman for Meghan and Harry has been approached for comment.

[From The Sun]

Meghan reportedly left England on Commonwealth Day, just hours after she got blanked by prisspot Kate in Westminster Abbey. Harry did reportedly stay in England for a few additional days, likely to say his goodbyes and finalize additional Sussexit plans, plus some face-time with various patronages, one would assume. I actually don’t doubt that Harry might have seen some old friends while he was in town, and hell, maybe Chelsy was even there. But let’s be real, the point of this story is twofold. One, Poor Henpecked Harry had it better when he was just a gregarious bachelor and friends-with-benefits with Chelsy and two, the papers know that Bitter Beckys love the idea of Harry cheating on Meghan with a white woman. “She and Harry have a serious connection, but I doubt they would ever hook up on anything.” How curious that the source would even mention it, right?

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