This Video Of Chi Walking In Kim Kardashian’s High Heels Is Everything

Kim Kardashian has a bold sense of style, and it looks like she’s passed that on to her youngest daughter. Chicago West is already shaping up to be quite the fashionista, and in a new video, was seen playing dress-up in her mom’s closet. Kardashian’s clothes may not fit little Chi just yet, but that didn’t stop her from trying on a few select items. The video of Chi walking in Kim Kardashian’s high heels is too cute for words.

Kardashian shared the footage to her Instagram stories, and while her bubble gum pink heels were about ten sizes too big for Chi, she still (carefully) strut her stuff. “Are you wearing mommy’s heels?” Kardashian asked while recording. "Yeah," Chi replied.

Now, one can hardly blame Chi for raiding her mom’s wardrobe. Kardashian’s closet looks like a dream come true, and I’d be in there playing dress up all day long. She even managed to find a pink Fendi purse to add to her look. Clearly, Chi knows what’s up.

Chi wore pink head-to-toe in the video, and her mom simply could not get over the cuteness. "You look so beautiful! Look at you pretty girl," she said in the video clip. You can watch the adorable moment below.

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Chicago is a mini Kim ???

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Chi had a slight struggle walking in the over-sized heels, but her confidence didn’t waver. "Let’s go!" she said in the video, and fiercely walked away.

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Chicago said “let’s go” ??

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Clearly, Chi is already a pro at walking in heels and I’m gonna need her to teach me her ways. She has had some practice, though, In March 2019, Kardashian shared a short video of Chi waltzing around the house in a pair of her neon green stilettos.

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Chicago and her mini Hermès Kelly ??

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Trying on Kardashian’s heels appears to be a favorite past-time for Chi, but it’s only a matter of time until she has a designer shoe collection of her own. Until then, it looks like her mom is down to share.

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