TikTok Star Licks Airplane Toilet Seat For New 'Coronavirus Challenge'

“I can recover from anything cuz of hot girl privalege (sic).”

TikTok star Ava Louise is being ripped on social media after she posted a video of herself licking an airplane toilet seat amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, Louise, a 22-year-old influencer from Miami, shared the now-viral clip of her doing the deed, which she called, the "coronavirus challenge."

In the clip, which Louise has since-deleted from TikTok, the internet personality is seen licking the toilet seat as the popular TikTok song titled, "It’s Corona Time" plays in the background. In the video, Louise wrote, "CORONAVIRUS CHALLENGE."

"Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane," she tweeted alongside the TikTok.

After the video, which has over 325,000 views, went viral, Twitter users criticized Louise in her replies. Many claimed that not only would Louise get sick, but she would get others sick as well, particularly those who are considered high-risk.

"It’s sad that elderly will likely die, and people like this will live," a person wrote and another added, "Nice way to get sick dummy. There is more than covid 19 on that toilet seat. She may want invest in toilet paper for those horrible stomach bugs she just licked up."

Others wrote that Louise was just doing it all for attention.

"I just want to say, this isn’t worth it. You don’t have to lick toilet seats for Internet likes to feel good about yourself," a user tweeted. "Ppl will like anything. It doesn’t define you or your worth. Don’t endanger yourself & others for the attention of strangers. Love yourself."

"Someone seems a little desperate for attention," another wrote.

Not only has Louise been retweeting news stories about her, but the TikTok star also expressed in a video that she doesn’t "care" if the internet cancels her because she’s "blonde, rich and skinny." She then added, "I can recover from anything cuz of hot girl privalege (sic)."

She also joked that she doesn’t have coronavirus because she can still use her vape pen.

Check out the TikToks below.

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