Tommy Fury comes for Jake Paul in blonde extensions as boxing beef escalates

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have provided the celebrity beef we never knew we needed, with the former Love Islander donning blonde hair extensions to mock the YouTube star.

Boxer Tommy was left fuming after Jake called him out online, claiming he let his older brother, heavyweight champ Tyson ‘do his dirty work’.

However, things have now somewhat escalated, with the 21-year-old whacking on what looks like some of his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague’s hair extensions, and sticking a strip of paper to his face to look like a an eyebrow slit.

‘Sorry bro, I didn’t see you there, I was too busy being a massive p***y,’ Tommy said in a new video, mocking Jake’s American accent.

‘Jesus Christ, I don’t know how you take yourself seriously looking like this,’ he added. ‘My god. I’ve put it on a plate for you, I’ve asked if you wanted to fight, and you’ve decided to laugh it off, as per usual.

‘Stick to your little YouTube videos behind your little desk and don’t come over to this boxing world because you’ll get laid out in 30 seconds flat,’ he warned.

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