Tori Roloff Gets Real About Postpartum Weight Loss

Tori Roloff is no Kim Kardashian.

This may be stating the obvious, we know, and not just because the Little People, Big World star has never starred in a sex tape opposite mediocre hip hop artist Ray J.

It’s also because the mother of two is not interested in lying to her social media followers.

She doesn’t have a personal trainer.

She doesn’t have a personal chef.

And she isn’t telling her millions of fans out there that one absolutely needs to lose weight immediately upon giving birth or making it sound like a woman simply must return to her pre-baby body as quickly as possible.

As always, Tori Roloff is simply keeping it real instead.

Roloff, who welcomed a daughter named Lilah in November, opened up about her post-baby body and fitness journey in a new post via Instagram Stories on Monday, March 9.

The mother of a darling girl and precious boy posted a selfie (below) and admitted “getting in shape is hard,” but clearly she’s not giving up. No way, folks!

The 28-year old was all smiles while rocking a tank top in the new snapshot, seemingly taken after a workout.

Tori also shared a photo of her appetizing and healthy breakfast, which included eggs and avocados.

“I upgraded to sourdough and Trader Joe’s everything, but the bagel seasoning,” she wrote, sweetly adding “per your suggestions” in fine print.

This may sound cheesy, but she really is a woman of the people.

Hence her popularity online.

Ever since she entered the spotlight on the aforementioned TLC reality show, Tori has come across just like every other person out there. She’s never been afraid to admit to her flaws or relate to other parents out there.

A recent example?

Tori has been candid about how she sometimes feels like a failure.

She told a story online about how she was on a flight and Lilah was having a rough time and …

“I was at the end of my patience and feeling like a total failure on the plane this evening. I was so exhausted and frustrated and feeling like a bad mom for taking my 2 month old out,” she wrote.

Seriously, how many mothers and fathers out there have totally been in this position?

Elsewhere, Roloff has also been as open and as candid about parenthood as we can imagine any celebrity being, confessing shortly after welcoming Lilah to suffering from some postpartum depression.

“I’m trying really hard to love my postpartum body,” she wrote as a caption to a photo of her and her two kids in December, adding:

“It’s only been 3 weeks since growing and then birthing a human being, but it’s hard. Having major abdominal surgery is difficult for me because I hate being restricted.”

We felt awful for Tori at the time, but also encouraged by someone famous not sugarcoating the challenges of motherhood for a change, you know?

As mentioned above, Tori and Zach welcomed their baby girl in November of 2019 — and Jackson is absolutely loving having a little sister.

In January, Tori opened up about their new addition’s name and why they decided on it.

“I’ve always loved the name Lilah, and thank goodness Zach did, too,” she told fans during an Instagram Q&A. “Ray is my dad’s middle name and my grandfather’s nickname.”

Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on March 31, 2020.

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