Travis Scott Celebrates 29th Birthday on Enormous Jet

Travis Scott touched down in Miami in a brand-spanking-new private jet … and it’s ridiculously big!!!

Travis came back from Nassau, Bahamas where he was celebrating his 29th birthday on a yacht. He goes big by sea and by air!

He apparently got the jet last Xmas, but just looking at it now … well it’s so big it looks like he’s flying commercial.

Travis got some goodies for his birthday … including this humungous Hermes bag!! You can’t say he doesn’t travel in style.

Now, it’s not like it’s a competition … BUT, it looks like Travis’ jet might be bigger than Kylie Jenner‘s, and that’s saying something. She reportedly plunked down $72.8 million for her flying machine.

Travis and Kylie are both killing it these days, so it’s not like one has to outdo the other, but let’s face it … in the world of private jets there are bragging rights for one to say to the other … mine’s bigger than yours!!!

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