Vice President Kamala Harris Runs Stairs at Lincoln Memorial

Our new Vice President is super fit for office … Kamala Harris is running stairs like she’s Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky.” All she needs is the music.

Ya gotta see this video of the Veep showing off her stamina over the weekend at the Lincoln Memorial. She did several laps, running up and down the steps and making it look pretty easy.

Harris passed on her usual Converse Chucks and went with some proper running shoes, AND a face mask for this workout … which she wasn’t doing solo, btw.

Check out the Secret Service agents — most standing and watching the general area, but at least one was running the stairs to keep up with her.

All the VP needs now is “Gonna Fly Now” to really set the scene.

Just thinking out loud, but maybe a Secret Service agent can bring a Bluetooth speaker next time?

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