What Happened to Doc Antle After Netflix's 'Tiger King'

In Netflix’s new docuseries, Tiger King, one man and one park holds the credit for being an inspiration for Joe Exotic’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic National Park—and that’s Doc Antle and his Myrtle Beach Safari, aka T.I.G.E.R.S or the Institute for Greater Endangered and Rare Species.

But what’s been going on with Antle since the series made its streaming debut? Below, updates on Antle’s life after filming.

Antle’s name change makes absolutely no sense.

In the documentary, Antle (real name: Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle) made all the women working for him call him Baghavan; one worker claimed it meant “lord” in Sanskrit—but the translation seemed to vary, depending on who you ask. Antle claimed the name meant “friend of God.” Meanwhile, Antle’s son, Kody, claimed that it actually meant “master of the universe.” In other words, Antle’s name change still doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Antle never received any criminal charges for animal cruelty and abuse.

Although there were South Carolina authorities sent to raid the safari in December 2019, Antle claimed that the raid had nothing to do with what the Netflix series. In a report from ABC 15 News, Antle said that authorities came to the premises because lions in his park were apparently descendants of lions from another animal park that had closed because of animal cruelty charges.

Despite the legal drama, Antle’s zoo is still open to the public.

PETA has criticized Antle in the past.


Though Antle has claimed his treatment of tigers is better than that of Exotic, PETA has long criticized Antle’s actions. In a statement on its website from August 2019, the group accused him of endangering both customers and animals at the zoo. (Specifically, the organization claims he has failed to provide animals with proper veterinary care and sufficient space in cages.)

Here’s a look at Antle after his zoo was raided in 2019:

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