Woman Arrested for Threatening to Cough on Cop, Spread Coronavirus

Coronavirus seems to have folks thinking they can do as they please — one LAPD officer claims he experienced it firsthand with a rogue, and possibly contagious, car parker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a cop in L.A. came across a woman this weekend whom he says was parked in a handicap spot without a proper placard, and when he approached her over the violation … we’re told things turned sickly.

Our sources say the woman almost instantly became combative with the officer, threatening to cough on him and give him coronavirus … something she claimed she’d contracted.

Well, that didn’t deter the cop … we’re told he arrested her for felony criminal threats. Unclear if the woman actually had COVID-19, but in any case … we’re told the officer gloved up for the bust and washed up after.

As for whether the criminal threat charge will stick, that’s also hard to say for sure — as we’re told something like that is considered a wobbler — meaning if she’s eventually charged, the D.A. has the option to leave it a felony, or reduce to a misdemeanor.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty crazy that an alleged parking violation escalated to a viral face-off. Crazy times, indeed.

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