4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Slide Into Your DMs

For some people, making the first move by reaching out to a crush can be nerve-wracking AF. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. The zodiac signs most likely to slide into your DMs, probably won’t surprise you because these thrill-seekers rarely turn down the chance to be decisive and direct. They understand that life is short, and nothing gets under their skin like a missed opportunity. Here are the zodiac signs that know how to use a well-crafted DM to their advantage.


As the naturally born leaders, Aries are always excited by the idea of going after what they want. No stranger to being forward, Aries often get a bad wrap for being "too intense". However, if you’ve been flirting with a ram, it’s only a matter of time before they slide into your DMs. Once they reach out to you, it won’t be long before they maneuver the conversation towards meeting in person. These adventurous risk-takers know exactly what they want, and aren’t afraid to go after it.


One of the best things about a Taurus is their sense of honesty, and their ability to be upfront when it counts. At their core, Taurus is outgoing and vivacious, and would jump at the chance to strike up a virtual convo with someone they’re interested in. However, be aware, Taurians can also be easily hurt and are prone to overthinking things. So, if you don’t check your DM’s often, it may be best to suggest exchanging numbers to they don’t think you’re ignoring them.


I’d challenge you to find a member of the zodiac as organized and work-oriented as a Capricorn. These highly productive people approach relationships the same way they approach business: If it’s on their to-do list, it will get done. If a Capricorn is vibing with you, you better believe that they have already come up with a plan of pursuit. Although the wording of their messages might seem devoid of flirtatiousness, don’t be fooled. This no-nonsense goat despises wasted time, so when you hear from them, rest assured it’s because they want to see what you’re about.


Sagittarians are known for being passionate, curious, and very talkative. It would be an understatement to say that these intellectuals enjoy deep conversations — More accurately, they need them to feel fully understood by a potential romantic partner. In the early stages of courting, Sagittarius will be eager to test the waters by initiating contact to see if you’re someone who can keep up with their witty banter. Naturally, sliding into your DMs will be their first course of action once you’ve gotten their attention.

Needless to say, DM-sliding is something we’ll all capable of. That said, some signs have a natural affinity for making the first move. Everyone can learn an important lesson from these peeps: Starting a casual convo with someone you like is an easy way to get your flirt on. And if they don’t respond, it’s their loss, so bye.

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