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HAVING A WELL-STOCKED arts and crafts cupboard is essential for all parents of young children.

The best arts and crafts for kids aren't just a good way to add some structure to a morning or afternoon, they're also a fun activity for the whole family and can help kids enhance their motor skills (after all, those muscles they build up from cutting paper are the same ones that will help them with holding a pencil).

There is an arts and crafts activity to suit children of all ages, boys or girls, available, and better yet, most cost under £15 and can provide entertainment over a number of days.

Beads are a great arts and crafts activity that help kids with their concentration as well as their fine motor skills, whether they're placing Hama beads in an intricate pattern or stringing beads onto a necklace as a gift for their siblings and friends.

Lego has recently plunged into arts and crafts with its new range, Lego Dots, which includes creative DIY jewellery and photo stands and pencil cases, made using 2D pieces kids can decorate and redecorate to their heart's delight.

If you have a crafty kid in the house, getting an all-in-one crafts box is sensible.

Whether they're sticking, cutting or twisting, these have most of the required ingredients for any crafts tutorials online, as well as any crafts ideas they come up with themselves.

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