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DASH cams can be great buys for motorists as not only do they promote safe driving, they'll back you up if you're in an accident that's not your fault.

Plus, if yours is equipped with a parking mode, it can automatically start recording if it detects motion – leaving you with a record of any damage left on your car when you're not in it.

If you don’t want to splash out the big bucks for practically a video production package like Owl Car Cam, there are plenty that do the job of recording the view around you for far less.

We’ve found you the best value and cheapest dash cams on the road to help you on your way.

1. Lonshell  2.4'' Screen Full HD 1080P DVR Vehicle Camera

  • Lonshell Vehicle Camera, £12.70 at Amazon – buy here

Two cameras to give you two different views, each shooting through a 170-degree super wide angle lens. Being the cheapest dash cam of the bunch, the film quality isn’t exactly cinematic, but the night vision is of surprisingly high quality.

Equipped with G-sensors (emergency recording) and a panic button to lock vital information, and supports motion detection function.

2. Carigogo Dash Cam

  • Carigogo Dash Cam, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

The six-layer sharp lens captures vivid images in HD and captures clear footage even at night. We love the 170 degrees super wide lens which covers 3 lanes of traffic.

It's also equipped with features such as motion detection, park monitoring, and G-sensor loop recording.

You’ll need an SD card, but comes with easy-to-install suction mounts.

3. Dash Cam by Lanka

  • Dash Cam by Lanka, £18.99 at Amazon – buy here

Easy installation, with the dash cam programmed to automatically start recording when you turn the engine on and stop shortly after the engine goes off.

It looks good too (which is handy, seeing as its constantly in your field of vision), and the images it produces is of high quality. Loop recording takes care of old footage you don’t need, while the emergency recording keeps the ones on impact safe.

Parking monitor provides 24/7 surveillance of your vehicle.

4. Binatone DC200 HD Dash Cam


  • Binatone DC200 HD Dash Cam, £34.99 at Argos – buy here

Equipped with G-sensor and night vision, the Binatone dashcam delivers 720P HD image quality even in low illumination.

It will continuously record footage on a loop, so there's no need to keep emptying the memory card.

And fitted with motion detection, it will automatically turn itself off if it doesn't detect motion.

5. Nextbase 222 Full HD Rear Dash Cam

  • Nextbase 222 Full HD Dash Cam, £69.99 at Currys – buy here

It's a bit of a price hike from the others on this list, but still extremely cheap for a top quality brand (they’re known for introducing the first 4k dash cam).

Full HD recording for excellent image quality, it records at 30 frames per second, meaning there isn’t that choppy feel to the proceedings.

It also has intelligent parking mode which records movement around your car, so if someone bumps into your car when you're away, you'll have it on camera.

6. Toguard Mirror Dash Cam

  • Toguard Mirror Dash Cam, £45.99 at Amazon – buy here

This comes with both front and rear cameras, making it the best value dash cam of the pack.

Built as a mirror, the 7-inch IPS touchscreen makes it easy to operate, providing a wide visual angle that makes it clearer to view videos laterally.

The one-key switching design also allows you to switch the five view modes easily – or you can turn it off and use it as a regular mirror.

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