Adorable dog who was abandoned with broken legs now hops around like a kangaroo

Are you ready to go aww?

Then you’ll want to meet Cora – an adorable two-legged miniature poodle who hops around like a kangaroo.

The sweet dog was discovered abandoned with two broken legs, a broken back and a shattered pelvis. 

Cora, believed to be six, has made a remarkable recovery and now happily bounces around on her hind legs. 

The pooch was completely immobile when she was adopted by kind-hearted Zach Skow in February 2018. 

A vet even advised Zach, 40, from Tehachapi, California, to put Cora down. 

But Zach went against the advice and wanted to bring Cora, who had her legs amputated, home.

Now the cute doggo just bounces around the house, playing around with passersby while on walks.

Zach, who runs Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, said: ‘She had severely broken front legs, a broken back and a totally shattered pelvis. 

‘With those injuries, I would assume she was run over by a car. 

‘We tried to save the legs with surgery but one of them had a bone infection and had to be amputated and the other one couldn’t be fixed and had to be amputated as well. 

‘She was depressed – it was a shock for her to lose her legs and it was very painful for her to be immobile. 

‘The vet wanted us to euthanize her but I’ve taken in many two-legged dogs over the years and I knew she could get better. 

‘Now Cora is the rock star of them all.’

Within three months Cora learnt how to get around on two legs. 

After spending time walking assisted by a cart, Cora was able to navigate the world on hind legs. 

Zach added: ‘Through perseverance and dogged will she learned how to walk on her own. 

‘We gave her space and we let her be – we didn’t want to be overly sympathetic and carry her everywhere.’

Zach now describes the bouncing poodle as ‘the friendliest, happiest dog’. 

He said: ‘She has never met a person or a pet that she doesn’t want to be best friends with. 

‘I think her mission in life is to display gratitude wherever she goes.’

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