Already Wondering If On My Block Will Be Back For Season 4? Here's What We Know

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Netflix just released the third season of On My Block and we’re already wondering about the next.

The teen dramedy set in the fictional LA neighborhood of Freeridge aired its third installment on March 11 and rather than ending with a heart-pounding cliffhanger like the previous seasons, concluded this batch of episodes with a seemingly definitive ending. The season’s big bad is dealt with and nothing is stopping any of the kids from living their best lives as normal teenagers. But rather than bringing them together, the new freedom seems to allow them to drift apart. At the end of the finale, Monse is enjoying her life away from Freeridge at boarding school, Jamal is the center of attention with his teammates on the football team, Ruby and Jasmine are happily still together, and Cesar has officially taken over for Oscar as the leader of the Santos. (That last reveal isn’t as uplifting as the others, but it is expected.)

It’s a realistic ending since the group spent the entire season wanting relief from the chaos of their lives. Now the only question is whether their stories will be continued in season four! The answer: stay patient, folks! Netflix revealed the season three renewal exactly one month after season two aired, so if we’re being optimistic we’ll be getting news by April. As that season would take place during the gang’s final year of high school, it’ll be a fitting way for the series to wrap up. Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you updated!

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