Amanda Holden amazes fans with transformation from 1991 Blind Date appearance

An old clip of Amanda Holden appearing on Blind Date in 1991 is going viral once again – with fans in disbelief that she is the same person.

The singer and Britain's Got Talent judge made her TV debut on the popular dating show and she looked incredible in her shoulder-length hair and barely-there makeup.

In the clip shared on a TikTok account @oldtvadvert, Amanda is seen introducing herself to host Cilla Black as she sits next to other contestants on the stage.

Wearing a black halter-neck top, the blonde beauty says: "Hello Cilla, My name is Amanda and I'm from London."

She even gives a cheeky thumbs up when the audience cheer and clap for her.

Cilla then asks Amanda who she'd "have a knees up anybody with men-wise" and the star replied: "Well I can only name one can't I?

"I have four, but it's Jack Nicholson… I like experience, mature man."

The video has been brought to light to a whole new generation after being seen more than 25,000 times on TikTok, thanks to a recent post by @oldtvandadverts.

And viewers couldn't believe what Amanda used to look like.

“Same voice, completely different person,” one wrote.

Another asked: “Wow, is that really her?” And a third added: “She does look different.”

Years later Amanda was shocked when she re-watched the clip on ITV's This Morning show.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield asked if she remembered joining the dating show, Amanda covered her face in embarrassment.

She said: "I looked like I've got monobrows and where did my gap go? Cause I have no work done on my teeth."

In an interview with Reader's Digest, Amanda opened up about her experience on the show and revealed she was actually engaged to a mystery man at the time of filming.

She explained: "I'd seen an audition poster and, being dramatic and quite loud, I went along for a laugh.

"I was actually engaged at the time, but it was all done for a laugh and the producers knew I wasn’t single.

"It was a great experience and it still gets brought up a lot. I’m both embarrassed about it and extremely proud!"

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