Amazed fisherman spots ‘big cat nearly one metre long’ roaming field

A fisherman is convinced he has captured a “big cat” roaming a field across from the lake he was at.

Paul Johnson was fishing with his friend in Haresfield, Gloucestershire, last Sunday (May 2) when he noticed a mysterious dark shape in a field 300 yards away.

He whipped out his camera and recorded what seemed to be an ordinary black cat.

The short clip showed the four-legged feline slowly strolling across a hedgerow.

But, while the animal seemed nothing more than a domestic cat, Paul claimed it was actually up to a meter long and half a meter tall.

“The picture which I took does not really do it justice, but when I first saw it, I thought ‘wow that is a big cat’,” he told GloucestershireLive.

“I work building fences and that, so going by the picture I can make an estimate of it’s size. I would say it was not quite a metre long.”

The angler said the “big cat” was around for 10 minutes before it disappeared down a track.

He claims he was “not scared of it” but “would not exactly have walked up to it either”.

While sightings of “big cats” are often dismissed as nothing more than pet felines, some believe there could be as many as 500 of the wild creatures in Britain.

So-called “experts” suggest they exist to help to keep the population of deer and other large mammals in check.

And Paul says he has always believed “big cats are out there”.

“It is the perfect place for a big cat,” he added. “Obviously it has water near by and plenty of rabbits for it to live on.

“It was unexpected to see, and it has not scared me off going there again. I will be back up there fishing again next week.”

It comes after another massive “panther-like big cat” was captured prowling a river bank in North Wales.

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