Amazon shoppers share flirty messages sent by customer services staff

Customers of internet giant Amazon have been sharing the oddly flirty messages they’ve been sent from the brand's customer services department online.

They were sent to the shoppers on Amazon Live Chat – and have given a few consumers a reason to smile.

Some were simply compliments paid to the customers.

While everyone agrees this would be nice from a friend, some branded the messages “creepy”.

BoredPanda complied a number of the chats which has been shared over Twitter.

Have you ever been sent a flirty message out of the blue? Let us know in the comments below…

One social media user, Roxanna, shared a snap of a message from Amazon.

The Live Chat said: “Good news is that seller will contact you within 24 hours with an update and order should be delivered to you on priority.

“Bad news is that after this chat we are going to part ways.”

He also told her she had a "very sweet" and "lovely" name.

The tweet went viral and over 300,000 people liked the post.

Others quickly hopped on board to share their similar experiences with the brand.

One person said: "Dude I swear this happened to me last year.

“I think it’s because I had to email them something and my pic was attached to my email account.”

The Amazon worker replied to her message about a manufacturer, they said: “Thank you for understanding.

“You’re breathtaking!!”

Another message screenshot was shared where both sides appeared to be taking part in the flirtatious banter.

The customer wrote: “Are you always going to be my customer service guy?”

To which the staff member said: “I would like to be, but no, we have thousands and it is random, but in spirit I will be.”

While the messages made many people laugh and smile, some found them disturbing.

One Twitter user commented: “This would make me hella uncomfortable and he is breaching the terms of his employment.

“This is creepy as f* and I don’t know whether it’s a sackable offence but surely he will be reprimanded."

Another added: “Would these guys tell another guy he has a nice name?

“If the answer is no, it's inappropriate.

“Why do guys find this so complicated?"

A spokesperson for Amazon told Daily Star Online: “We do encourage our associates to engage with our customers.

"However, we do not tolerate language which may be offensive.

"We are looking into these incidences, and will take the appropriate actions once our investigation is complete.”

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