Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury could make ring walks at SAME TIME to avoid contract row in £500m undisputed fight

ANTHONY JOSHUA and Tyson Fury could make their incredible ring walks simultaneously to avoid a contract row and make a stunning undisputed spectacle.

Traditionally the challenger walks to the ring first, with the champion following with a longer and more extravagant version.

That means the challenger’s entrance cheers are forgotten and his pre-fight warm-up is wasted, as he is forced to wait awkwardly in the ring.

But promoter Eddie Hearn does not expect the detail to scupper the £200million Saudi showdown between two reigning heavyweight champions.

And he has a stunning plan in the mix that would have both British icons walk to the ring at the same time, from opposite sides of the indoor venue.

When asked what the plan was, Hearn said: “You will see. Maybe they will walk at the same time.

“It would be unique. From different sides of the arena. That would solve a problem.

“In the world today, people are more willing to be accepting and understanding and rather than muck about with it, let’s just get this done. So I don’t think we will have any problems.

“The walk in at the same time is genuinely something I have thought about as a spectacle rather than a contractual issue.”

Fight fans have been concerned by comments from Fury and his father John that the talks were stalling and deadlines to confirm the deal had passed.


But Hearn – who only promotes WBA, IBF and WBO champ Joshua directly – visited the undefeated 6ft 9in ace in Vegas last week, after both fighters agreed on an offer, and got good vibes from the big man.

“I ran round there and we just had 10 minutes in his suite but it was good to hear how dialled in he is for the fight,” the Matchroom boss said.

“When I saw the comments from him and his dad, I wanted reassurance that, when I deliver it, they will want it.

“I have spoken to Fury’s team and told them to hang in there, because I will get it done.

“Once they saw the offer, they felt a bit of positivity and believe the fight is happening and it makes for a better relationship.

“I think they are happy now because everyone has got what they wanted.”

July 24 is the pencilled date Hearn and his team are working around but he admits that might creep into August.

That clashes directly with the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics where Joshua’s mentor Rob McCracken is scheduled to lead Team GB and hopefully unearth the next British boxing superstar.

And Hearn admits AJ Boxing have tough calls to make as the man Joshua describes as the Alex Ferguson of his team could well be double booked.

He added: “There are too many people and things to fit around already with the fighters, trainers, countries, time zones, the Olympics.

“There is all this stuff so whatever date we are given by the site is the date that we will go with.

“I know AJ and Rob have been talking accordingly so I am sure they will work it out.

“The guys know it will be around the Olympics, it could be inappropriate but it is the biggest fight in boxing and the biggest moment in AJ’s career so we have to work it out.

“I know Rob takes his Team GB position very seriously, he loves the job and the kids so it’s not ideal but we can’t move it a couple of weeks either side.

“Someone is spending a lot of money so we have to go whenever they say.”

Deontay Wilder's claim to a third Fury fight and Oleksandr Usyk's right to a mandatory shot at Joshua were believed to be sticking points in the two-fight plan.

But Hearn believes there are now zero hurdles in the way and it is just a matter of when the super-fight is announced.

He explained: "You get a written offer come in, heads are turned and from there you accept the offer, which we have done.

"Then it is on to long form contracts for the site agreement, that was on Monday or Tuesday.

"It’s a huge deal, so it is not something that requires just one draft.

"There have been drafts going backwards and forwards between our lawyers and Top Rank’s lawyers. It’s close. There are zero hold-ups now."

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