Apple Files Appeal Regarding App Store Ruling in Ongoing Epic Games Battle

Apple has filed an appeal in response to a ruling in its ongoing legal battle with Epic Games.

The tech company went to trial with Epic, the maker of Fortnite, in September. Epic had wanted to install its own version of the App Store on iPhones and iPads, potentially seeking to circumvent the company’s in-app payment methods and the 15% to 30% fees it charges.

A federal judge ruled in favor of Apple for nine of the ten counts brought against it by Epic. The judge, however, ordered that Apple must allow app developers to include information about outside payment methods within their apps, which could possibly serve as another way for companies to avoid the App Store’s fees. The ruling is now set to go into effect in two months.

In the appeal that Apple filed on Friday, October 8, the company sought to keep its current App Store policies as they are.

“At a high level, it is my judgment that, without thoughtful restrictions in place to protect consumers, developers, and the iOS platform, this change will harm users, developers, and the iOS platform more generally,” Trystan Kosmynka, Apple’s senior director of App Review said in the filing.

Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney seems to be taking the news in stride, joking about the situation on Twitter.

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