Asda customer causes fury after buying twenty tubs of baby formula in one shop

Shoppers were absolutely shocked when they saw a woman purchasing 20 tubs of baby formula from Asda in one go.

The woman was pictured with two brands at the checkout of a UK store after coronavirus stockpilers caused eBay sellers to flog baby milk for £155.

Baby formulas including Cow and Gate, Aptamil and SMA were being sold for a fortune as stocks are currently running low due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The eye-opening photo of the woman was snapped up by a customer behind in the queue on Monday which has since secured thousands of comments online.

It is unclear if all the items was just for her or whether she was purchasing to distribute to other mums in need.

Or the Asda shopper could have been making the purchase to supply children at a nursery.

One person slammed the supermarket for allowing such a large bulk buy, saying: “How disgusting they would allow that.”

Earlier this week, greedy sellers were stocking up and flogging formula milk to scared parents for a huge price.

One seller, from West Yorkshire, was selling a first instant milk by Cow and Gate at an eye-watering £155.

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A pot of the same formula usually sells for £7.99.

The seller wrote: “Cow and gate first infant milk 800g Brand New and Opened.

“I bought the wrong milk from the supermarket, I lost my receipt so I couldn’t return it.”

According to Sun Online, the seller was contacted and the milk was taken down from the site.

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