Asda's Christmas food includes spicy pigs in blankets and reindeer crumpets

IT'S never too early to start planning for Christmas, and Asda has revealed exactly what tasty treats you can buy for your dinner table this year.

The supermarket’s new Christmas 2020 menu includes everyone’s festive favourite, pigs in blankets, but with a spicy twist.

Asda’s pigs in blankets are laced with the Carolina Reaper – one of the world’s hottest chillies.

These spicy peppers contain an average heat level of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to Guinness World Records.

Jalapenos add further spice before the sausages are wrapped in oak-smoked streaky bacon.

If you'd rather size over spice, Tesco is selling giant pigs in blankets as part of its Christmas range for £2 for a 274g pack of ten.

Prices and nutritional information have yet to be revealed for the piggies, or for the rest of Asda's Christmas food range.

And there’s no date set for when the range will start hitting the supermarket shelves ready for the big day.

It comes as Christmas crackers were seen on shop shelves while Britain baked in a heatwave.

Bruce the brussels sprout cake

The big day wouldn’t be complete without brussels sprouts – but how about a brussels sprout cake?

This cute-faced cake is actually made of moist chocolate sponge and layered with chocolate frosting.

Asda's previous Christmas character cakes have included Roddy the reindeer and Pip the penguin.

We couldn't find another brussels sprout cake being sold by supermarkets, but keep an eye out as December 25 gets nearer.

Reindeer crumpets

These reindeer shaped crumpets are almost too cute to eat.

They are perfect toasted for Christmas morning breakfast (or any day for that matter) and kids are sure to take a shine to them.

Asda has previously sold crumpets shaped like unicorns, priced at £1, while Aldi celebated easter offering the buttered treats shaped like bunnies for 85p.

Night sky chocolate orange gateau

For adults seeking to indulge, this orange gateau also orange liquor soaked chocolate sponge among its layers.

Dark chocolate orange flavoured ganache, creamy orange curd, chocolate mascarpone cheesecake and a dark chocolate mirror glaze are in the mix too.

And hand-moulded winter themed decorations adorn the dessert.

Tesco's Christmas menu includes a chocolate orange and maple bauble cake for £13.

Vegan Christmas cottage duo

For those avoiding dairy, there's still a creamy dessert to be enjoyed.

It's filled with dark morello cherry compote along with chocolate mousse.

The Tiffin base is topped with chopped dtaes raisins and dark choclate.

The whole sweet treat is encased in a dark chocolate shell and shimmers with gold dusting.

In fact, for anyone who avoids eating meat there are a range of savoury dishes in Asda's Christmas line-up to choose from too.

Vegan “turkey” stuffed joint

This turkey is actually made from soya, caramelised onion and herb stuffing.

Served with vegetables and roast potatos, it looks equally as tempting as a turkey and a centrepiece of any Christmas celebration.

Asda says searches on its website for vegan food have rocketed 275 per cent this year.

Tesco is doing a vegan no-turkey roast crown for £5 as part of its festive selection.

Vegan yule log

Another meat-free main on the menu is this yule log. Chestnuts and cranberries are the main ingrediants of this delicious dish.

Wrapped in puff pastry it's finished with a sprinkling of sage and onion herbs.

There will be 48 vegan products in Asda's Christmas food range in 2020.

Prices have yet to be revealed for other supermarket's vegan yule logs.

Vegan bao bun selection

Christmas is the best time of year for finger food. And vegans are not relegated to chewing carrot sticks.

Asda's vegan bao bun selection offer a more interesting nibble to hand around at parties (or just for you to snack on).

They are made with asian flavours and spices, including BBQ jackfruit, char sui mushroom and massaman veggies.

Tesco has revelaed it's upcoming Christmas 2020 menu, with giant pigs in blankets.

And Aldi has too, featuring truffle pigs in blankets.

Last year Asda sold a foot long stuffing sausage topped with pigs in blankets for Christmas.

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