Astrologer says wishing upon moon is powerful way to get what you want

Are you woo-woo enough to wish upon a moon? A new book from one of the world’s top astrologers says it’s the most powerful way to get what you want

  • Top astrologer Keiko shows how to increase chance of wishes coming true 
  • One key factor which elevates a wish to power wish status is timing 
  • Keiko also says to put in some effort, strategise and get crafty  

Can it be all that surprising that, in these uncertain times, we are seeing a boom in people turning to spiritual practices for solace and reassurance? After almost 12 months expecting the unexpected, many of us are desperate to believe in the power of crystals, coloured light, vibrations and tea leaves — or to send our most heartfelt wishes to the moon.

Moon wishing, in fact, is one of the fastest growing lockdown pastimes. The theory is simple: you write a wish on a piece of paper, read it aloud, visualise it happening, then ask the moon to make it come true. It’s a bit like making a New Year’s resolution, only instead of relying solely on your own will-power, you call on the powers of the universe — via the moon — to give you a bit of extra support.

The moon is believed to act as a kind of ‘help desk’ which delivers wishes to the universe.

Top astrologer Keiko (pictured) shows how to increase chance of wishes coming true, with key factors including timing and strategy as well as putting in effort and getting crafty 

There is convincing science behind the psychological benefits of using positive affirmations, manifesting and keeping a gratitude diary, so even a hardened cynic might be able to see the potential mood boost in giving yourself the chance to fantasise about plans and changes, hopes and dreams for life after Covid.

And now, a new book by Keiko, Japan’s leading astrologer who counts iconic tidy-up guru Marie Kondo among her celebrity clients, shows you how to supercharge your wishes to maximise their potency and increase their chance of coming true.

She says it’s no good just rattling off a shopping list of requests — ‘Can you get the gyms re-opened? Maybe the hairdresser too while you’re at it? And please bump me up the list for the Covid jab.’

If you want a wish to really work, Keiko says, you have to jump through a few hoops to make it a ‘power wish’, and that means a bit of clever wording, a dash of cunning universe manipulation — and extremely precise timing.

Here’s her guide to supercharging your desires and taking full advantage of this month’s moon to get what you want in life.


One key factor that elevates an ordinary moon wish to power wish status is timing.

Keiko believes the universe only accepts wishes on two specific days in any month — the days of the new moon and the full moon. This, she says, is when a high-quality communication channel opens up between the Earth and the universe.

For maximum success, she recommends aiming to use both: making your wish on the new moon and expressing gratitude on the full moon that follows (whether your wish has been granted or not).

The moon is believed to act as a kind of ‘help desk’ which delivers wishes to the universe, and Keiko gives advice on increasing the chances of your wishes coming true (stock photo) 

For Keiko, the new moon is day zero in the moon cycle, and a great time to plant the seeds of a wish. Then saying ‘thanks’ on the full moon is like watering those seeds.

Better still, give your wish laser-like precision by sending it within a ten-hour window of the new or full moon appearing. To find timings, search online or go to


An effective power wish should be written by hand (Keiko says if you use a computer or tap it into the notes function on your phone, the electromagnetic waves can block the moon’s vibration) and it must be carefully crafted so it stands out from the many other wishes winging their way to the moon.

Adapted by Louise Atkinson from The Power Wish by Keiko (£14.99, Rider)

Keiko advises that it should be treated like a job application — your choice of language is crucial.

A new moon power wish should aim to harness positive energy and use only the present or future tense. Phrases such as, ‘I intend to’ and, ‘I intend that’ are preferable to, ‘I really want’ or, ‘May I?’ because they imply conviction and convey your resolve.

So, ‘I intend to lose half a stone through switching to healthy eating’ will work more effectively than, ‘I need to lose weight’. Or try, ‘I intend to build a strong relationship with my husband and support him through this pandemic’ in place of, ‘Please stop me from throttling my infuriating husband’. And, ‘I intend to make my own needs the top priority, starting today’ carries more moon power than, ‘I wish I could get a bit of “me time” once in a while’.

Your full moon wish, which will take place two weeks later, is different. It should be written in the past tense and should convey gratitude, even if the thing you wish for hasn’t come true. The key is to visualise a wish coming true, try to feel how happy that will make you, then offer your thanks to the universe in advance (on the assumption that your wish will indeed be answered).

Make the most of this Saturday’s new moon 

The next new moon, on March 13, falls in Pisces (arriving at 10.21am UK time). According to Keiko, Pisces represents completion, a good time to focus on closure and clearing out to be well prepared for new beginnings next month.

Incidentally, Pisces power wishes are also thought to be effective for those seeking a career in film, photography, art, dance, music or other creative fields. Here’s how to make your wishes come true…

A Pisces new moon is thought to help you:

  • Love and be loved. 
  • Heal past hurts and traumas. 
  • Forgive someone. 
  • Master healing techniques. 
  • Allow artistic talent to blossom. 
  • Close a dead-end relationship.

New moon power wishes to try in March:

  • I intend everything I visualise to become reality. 
  • I intend my future soulmate to appear in my dreams. 
  • I intend to forgive my ex-husband completely and move on. 
  • I intend to attract money as naturally as breathing. 
  • I intend to try watercolour painting to express a hidden talent. 
  • I intend to let love guide my decisions instead of judgment. 
  • I intend to distance myself from negative people. 
  • I intend to start swimming to get into the best shape.
  • I intend to drink at least eight glasses of water a day so my body can flush out toxins. 
  • I intend to forgive anyone who has ever wronged me.

The next full moon, on March 28, falls in Libra and arrives at 7.48pm (UK time). This is the month to make power wishes on marriage, meeting a soulmate, or taking your relationship to the next level. According to Keiko, you can use the Libra full moon to help release:

  • Indecisiveness, people pleasing, or an inability to say ‘no’. 
  • A reluctance to make your own decisions. 
  • Troubles or worries about the waist and lower back.

Power wish examples for the full moon:

  • I’m becoming close to someone I met online. The relationship is progressing well. Thank you so much. 
  • I can politely say no when I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do. Thanks! 
  • I have been able to make a clean break from my dead-end relationship. Now I wish my ex-partner all the best. Thank you so much. 
  • I signed a stylist contract with a fashion magazine. Words can’t describe how happy I am. Thank you so much. 
  • I am earning enough money to buy all the clothes I want and still have some left over. It’s wonderful to be able to dress the way I want. Thank you so much, truly. 
  • I have been eating healthily and I’m in better shape. Thank you so much.

This wish doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to the new moon wish you placed two weeks earlier — it can be a completely new one — but it should always be written according to full moon rules (past tense and gratitude). So, ‘I am building a strong bond with my husband and supporting him as we grow together as a couple’ would get you over the, ‘we are driving each other insane!’ hurdle (even if it’s not true).

Try, ‘I have succeeded in losing weight and I feel much more confident’ or, ‘I am now living the life I want with my own needs as the top priority’.

If the new moon wish you placed two weeks earlier hasn’t (yet) come true, it is pertinent to assume the universe did get your message and is working on it. So, you can use your full moon wish to reinforce the conviction behind your message. It is apparently important to add an expression of positive emotion (‘this makes me so happy’ or ‘I’m so lucky’) and to tack a ‘thank you very much’ to the universe at the end.

Read your power wish out loud, then close your eyes and visualise it happening.


The moon passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year, and each star sign is believed to give subtly different ‘energies’ or influences on that particular moon.

The date on which each new moon falls will determine its relative star sign and therefore the influences or expertise you should address in your power wish.

So, this month the new moon falls on March 13 and will be influenced by Pisces, which focuses on forgiveness, healing and closure.

The April new moon will be in Aries (speed and new beginnings), May is Taurus (wealth and abundance), June is Gemini (great for communication), July is Cancer (families and households), August is Leo (great at parties), September is Virgo (health and workplaces), October is Libra (romantic relationships and marriage), November is Scorpio (life, death and sexuality), December is Sagittarius (cultivates optimism and big opportunities), January 2022 is Capricorn (jobs and careers) and February is Aquarius (breaking deadlocks).

Now you have a choice. You can either wait strategically until the most appropriate sign to place your particular wish, or simply add power to your wish by observing the star-sign connection and weaving those differing influences into your wish in any month.

For example, if you are looking for love this month, when the new moon is in Pisces, you would be advised to wish to let go of any romantic feelings you might still have for someone in your past.

In April (Aries) your emphasis could be on finding someone fast and in May (Taurus) on finding someone rich.

If sense of humour is high on your match criteria, wait until the new moon in Gemini (June) and express your intent to meet ‘a partner to have fun conversations with’, then in September (Virgo), if you’re not already paired-up, you could include work-related details such as ‘when I get back to the office’.

So the zodiac spread gives you the opportunity to approach the same wish from 12 different angles through the year.

The next full moon on March 28 will be influenced by Libra (about clearing the way to find the perfect partnership).


Creating a visual image of your power wish will intensify its potency.

One option is to create a ‘moon collage’ of pictures that represent what you want. The idea is that pictures can help communicate your wishes (to the universe) more effectively than words.

The process is also thought to help stimulate the creative right side of your brain, making you better tuned to recognising ‘signs’ that the universe is working in your favour. 

Adapted by Louise Atkinson from The Power Wish by Keiko (£14.99, Rider). To order a copy for £13.19, go to or call 020 3308 9193. Delivery charges may apply. Free UK delivery on orders over £20. Promotional price valid until March 22, 2021. 

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