Bitter Frenemies: The Financial Meltdown Between Ethan Klein & Trish Paytas

Everybody loves some good drama. On platforms like YouTube and TikTok, there’s plenty to go around that’s just a click away. In today’s tabloids, social media influencers are almost making as many headlines as the stars of Hollywood.

After yet another internet-breaking fight on their hit podcast series, YouTube veteran duo H3H3 Production’s Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas decided to shut their show down for good. Only this time, their salaries and revenue split was a huge part of the blowup.

The Never Ending Beef

A big reason for the overnight sensation of ‘Frienimes’ was that it’s sole premise of Klein and Paytas’ discourse. The two internet celebrities first sat down together for a scathing interview on the production company’s primary podcast, H3 Podcast in October of 2019.

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Their friendship started a whole lot rockier than most. The half an hour long podcast saw the two remorselessly unload the beef. In a previous episode of H3, Klein made a crew member named Dan rate Trisha’s attractiveness from one to ten, to which he responded “three”. This comes after Klein poked fun at Trisha in a video on his own channel.

Going back and forth over this incident, and whether or not Trisha was “trolling” her audiences with her controversial coming out video made prior to filming, the duos first podcast appearance was something of a skeptical on the platform. The video currently has 3.1 million views, one of the most watched interviews for the production company’s channel. It was clear that the two had a rather interesting dynamic that viewers began to take a liking to.

In the following year, Patyas appeared on the H3 podcast twice more as part of a Bachelorette knock off series. Among the thousands of applications received by the production to date Trisha was Moses Hacmon – the brother of Klein’s wife and co-host Hila Klein. However, the entire series was ruined when Trisha and Moses began dating behind productions back.

Though the Bachelorette idea was canned, Ethan still wanted the opportunity to work with Paytas, as each video they did together brought a great deal of views. Thus, ‘Frienimes’ was born.

A Doomed Podcast

When the duo joined forces to bring ‘Frienimes’ to the H3 Productions channel, it became one of the most watched series on YouTube. The two exhibited a playful banter while calling out the wrong doings of YouTubers like David Dobrik and James Charles that brought in millions of views each week. In YouTube Adsense, that racks up a pretty penny for both creators.

Though their dynamic was always rocky, with many arguments playing out on camera. Some arguments resulted in blowups where Paytas quit the show just to return the next week. That wasn’t the case for the most recent and last episode of the beloved show.

When Frienemiea was first conceived, Trisha was said to receive 45 percent of the show’s revenue – a “generous amount,” Klein says in the final episode. Fifty percent goes towards Klein as he’s the owner of H3 Productions. The remaining five percent goes towards production costs like paying and hiring crew member as well as set and props.

Paytas has said on previous podcasts that her 45% check was her ‘play money’ she uses to splurge on luxury items. From the show’s begining, Patyas loved showing off her $70,000 Birkin bag she bought with her cut.

Though Trisha believed that she deserved more input in the show. She thought that if 5% was coming out of her paycheck to cover production cost, she should have a say in who is hired. This sparked an intense debate that came to a head when Paytas openly disrespected member of the crew.

Four million viewers watched Trisha angrily walk off the show again. But this time for good.

Paytas’ Lavish Lifestyle

Though Trisha went on countless rants of person channel stirring the pot of the drama, she also has a bunch of video displaying her stunning wealth.

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Four weeks ago, Trisha released a video showing off her new car purchase: a Ferrari 488 Spider. She gave her viewers a virtual tour of the around $350,000 car. The backdrop for the tour was her glamorous new $3.7 million home.

When her fiance Moses proposed to her in December of last year, she had no calms about showing of her million dollar diamond ring to Ethan on the podcast.

So though Frienimes is over, its unlikely that Trisha will be going broke anytime soon.

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