Bring Dull Skin Back to Life With These Luxe Hand Masks for Dry Skin

Whether it’s winter or you have a profession where you’re constantly washing your hands, dry skin is an inevitable part of life. Luckily, there are so many ultra-healing lotions and now hand masks that will get your hands back into shape — and perhaps more radiant and glowing than before! The beauty of luxe hand masks for dry skin is that they bring the spa to your home, so you can conveniently multitask doing chores around the house while getting hydrated hands. We really can’t think of anything better than that!

Whether you want something infused with shea butter, botanical extracts, or some fruity papaya, there’s a formula out there that will work with your skin’s need. And, if you have sensitive skin, many are super gentle and safe to use so they won’t irritate skin. To help you get to healing your rough, ravaged skin faster, we’ve rounded up the best hand masks for dry skin so you can get glowing.

1. Naturel Finland Hand Mask

Infused with rose flowers, shea butter, and Vitamin-E, this ultra soothing hand mask for dry skin will take care of rough, dull hands in no time. This formula is packed with hydration and is specifically made to repair and moisturize on the spot so you can get to happier hands. To use, simply place them over your hands and have them sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and they’ll come out feeling refreshed and new again. This expert formula also features collagen and mineral oil, making these at-home gloves feel like you’re at the spa. With regular use over time, you can also ensure that your hands look younger and more vibrant. With this three-pack, you can begin to make this part of your beauty routine!

2. Hand Peel Mask

Enriched with collagen, shea butter, and Vitamin-E, this ultra restorative hand mask will gently and safely help return your hands back to their radiant and glowing state. The healing ingredients promote nutrient absorption so they’ll work more effectively and promote moisturized hands down the road. These moisturizing gloves are super easy to use: simply put them on and let them rest for 20 minutes, and you’ll have glowing hands in no time. The great thing about this easy-to-use hand mask for dry skin is that they will fit just about any size hand, so you won’t need to worry about that.

3. Mixbeauty Spa Treatment

Made with natural plant extract, this Mixbeauty hand mask is safe and gentle to use on rough and damaged skin. Infused with lavender extract, nicotinamide, and other botanical extracts, this formula uses natural ingredients to repair skin and bring it back to life. These ingredients gently penetrate the skin to supply nutrients that bring back hydration and glow, while boosting nutrient absorption in your hands. These hand masks for dry skin allow you to multitask while getting glowing skin: you can use your phone or get those chores done at the same time!

4. Papaya-Scented Moisturizing Hand Mask

These ultra-nourishing hand masks are made with Papain, which is an enzyme that can hydrate and leave skin smooth. Ingredients like petrolatum, sodium hyaluronate, and tocopherol help brighten skin for a nice glow that will last. The expert formula also includes papaya, which is rich in Vitamin-E that helps nourish skin. The best part is that you can get more done: simply slip on this hand mask for dry skin and get your housework done at the same time. Now, you can bring your favorite spa experience home with ease, and you can get other things done while your skin is getting hydrated.

5. Korean Spa Treatment

Rejuvenate sad skin with these collagen-packed Korean hand masks for dry skin. Not only will they help relieve cracked skin, but they can also help slow down reduced collagen production, so hands will stay hydrated and glowing. This Korean beauty product penetrates deeply for a more powerful hydration that is made to last. In addition to collagen, this ultra-moisturizing mask is also infused with nine botanical extracts including shea butter, olive, and rose for an all-around effective application to leave hands repaired and moisturized. With regular use, you just might have the most moisturized hands you’ve seen.

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