Brit women crave wild sex and telling their boss where to go

Millions of women in Britain dream of enjoying wild sex and telling their boss where to go.

But 42% of females are too embarrassed to show their true selves to others and are desperate to live out their fantasies.

One in seven long to have no inhibitions between the sheets.

And 16% would love to tell their employer to “f*** off”, while 14% wished they were brave enough to walk out of a boring meeting.

Meanwhile 13% are too scared to ask for a pay rise and 9% wish they had the guts to quit their job.

Research by bodywear brand Sloggi revealed a similar number would love to have a dramatic new hairstyle while 21% said they found thongs so uncomfortable they had to whip them off.

One in five yearn to say “no” more often and have the bottle to be brutally honest when asked their opinions.

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Presenter Gemma Cairney said: “There’s something so powerful in the unity of women coming together to make a stand.

“Back in the 60s people were burning bras but now we’re all about self-expression and liberating true comfort.”

The campaign comes as sloggi partners with charity Against Breast Cancer to call on women to donate unwanted bras at stockists across the country

Anna Stark, head of marketing at sloggi, said “We want women to unfasten themselves and feel free in every sense of the word.”

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