Captain America and Black Panther Take On WWII In Marvel and Disney's New Game

Marvel and Disney have just announced a new video game during its D23 event that’ll see Captain America teaming up with Black Panther. While the game doesn’t have a name just yet, there are a few things we do know. Skydance New Media will be producing the new title, with developers Amy Hennig and Marc Bernardin on board for the project.

As Kotaku reports, it’ll be a cinematic action game set in World War II, with the two superheroes teaming up to take on what’s likely to be Red Skull and Hydra. Aside from the superpowered duo, there’ll also be two other characters without powers that’ll play a key role in the game: a Wakandan spy named Nanali and a WWII soldier named Gabriel Jones. It’s also said to be similar to an episodic experience where fans can binge the entire, serialized game.

As expected, there’s yet to be any release info on the new game that sees Steve Rogers partner up with Azzuri (T’Challa’s grandfather), so those interested should stay tuned for more updates to come.

In other related news, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has finally announced its release date in a new gameplay trailer.
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