Cardi B Hints at Music Video for Her Viral Coronavirus Rant

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker teases that she will release a song about her viral coronavirus rant after a remix created by a fan hits the top twenty on iTunes chart.

AceShowbizCardi B can’t get enough of fans’ remixes of her recent rant about coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper went on an impassioned rant about the coronavirus outbreak, the government’s response to the pandemic, and her own fears.

After sharing the post, fans of the star became obsessed with her memorable way of saying “coronavirus”, and the line “this s**t’s real” – which they blended together along with a hip-hop beat to create a track.

One particular version, remixed by iMarkkeyz, has been released on iTunes, and Cardi has now hinted she may drop her own version.

“I might (as) well do a damn music video,” Cardi tweeted, before adding, “I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify.”

The fan-made tune even entered top 100 on the download service, and Cardi took to Instagram where she shared a screenshot of its placement at number 96.

“The fact this damn corona virus (sic) song is charting on iTunes ….Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins,” she wrote.

Two hours later, she shared another photo of the song at number 11, adding: “Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11.”

“86 on the overall charts ..I’m glad yaaa having fun …..Make sure you lysol your p**sy before you POP IT,” she said.

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