Carly Pearce Says She Would 100% Go On A Double Date With Chrissy And John

Country music star Carly Pearce has two very important announcements: She has a new self-titled album out, and she listens to O-Town when she runs. (Yes, as in the ’90s boy band. Is there any other O-Town?)

Women’s Health sat down with the Billboard-charting artist for a game of “Once, Never, Forever” (a.k.a. WH’s version of “f*ck, marry, kill”)—and let’s just say I learned a lot about her running playlists, the food trend she’d never try, her dream workout buddy, and more.

For each category, WH gives Carly three options, and she has to choose which one she’d try once, which one she’d never try, and which one she’d do forever.

Here are just a few of the tough decisions WH forced her to make:

  • Double Date #Goals: Michelle and Barack, Chrissy and John, or J.Lo and A-Rod
  • Running styles: Treadmill, trail, or road
  • Dream workout buddy: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, or Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Wine: Red, white, or rose
  • Karaoke partners: Justin Bieber, Drake, or Michael Ray

This is a semi-spoiler, but I have to share: Carly would definitely sing, “Baby,” with Justin Bieber if she could. And let’s just say you’ll probably never see her trail running.

I know you want more info about Carly’s favs and not-so-favs, so watch the video to find out everything you’ve been wanting to know and more.

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