Chrissy Teigen Trades Homemade Banana Bread for Lettuce with Twitter Fan—While Practicing Social Distancing

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

On Monday, Chrissy Teigen offered her Twitter followers a loaf of her homemade banana bread in exchange for romaine lettuce.

“I’ll make a banana bread for anyone that has romaine lettuce,” Teigen wrote on Twitter Monday, promising that social distancing rules would be maintained. “The trade will be made 6 feet apart and we will place the goods on the floor. no funny business.”

Comedian Chris Klemens answered the call, promising he had three heads of romaine lettuce in Studio City, California, up for grabs.

On Tuesday, like promised, Teigen delivered half a loaf of banana bread and two slices of pie, and a surprise bottle of wine to Klemens.

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Teigen filmed the entire trade-off on her instagram story. Both parties arrived to the parking lot of St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church to make the swap. “I thought this would be a safe place,” Teigen said.

Teigen’s husband, John Legend, loaded the goods into a red children’s car and safely rolled it across the parking lot to Klemens. Once the goods were received, Klemens sent the romaine lettuce on ice back to to Legend and Teigen in the toy car.

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Klemens shared photos of the transaction on Twitter, which shows himself holding the treats while standing 6 feet away from Teigen and John Legend. Teigen is pictured happily holding a bag of romaine lettuce.

“Thank you all for your unwavering support over the course of this saga. We made it @chrissyteigen,” Klemens wrote alongside the photos.

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