Clubhouse to Enable New Payment Methods for Creators

Clubhouse will let users make direct payments to creators very soon. Since its explosive growth, this will be the first time the social audio app will bring on a monetization tool.

Payment systems are built directly in the app, and Clubhouse has assured its users it will not be taking any cut. Keeping things as simple and direct as possible, this means creators will get to enjoy the full payment a user sends them. To make a payment, a user simply needs to tap on his/her profile, tap “Send Money” and then put in the desired amount to send. There is, however, a small processing fee, which will go to Stripe, Clubhouse’s partnered payments processor — users can either pay through a credit or debit card. Since this new feature is still in its testing stage, not everyone will get to receive payments. Clubhouse is planning to make it more widely available after “starting with a small test group.”

In case you missed it, Clubhouse will be making its Android debut in a “Couple of Months.”
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