Clueless ‘Dreamboat’ Lou Dawg Is Dazed And Confused On ‘American Idol’

The “American Idol” judges agreed on Sunday’s episode that contestant Lou Dawg was a “dreamboat.”

But viewers may have had that sinking feeling when he seemed to confuse panelist Luke Bryan with Justin Timberlake, had no inkling who Lionel Richie was, and couldn’t name a song by Katy Perry.

Dawg, from the Hawaii island Oahu, tried to explain his lack of pop culture knowledge by saying he’s been “in the ocean everyday.”

Richie at one point turned his back to the clueless contestant, saying, “I’ve been in the business 243 years.”

Dawg sang an original song that Perry thought might work on the beach after surfing, but needed more work. Dawg’s unclear show business aspirations didn’t impress the judges, either. They sent him home.

This Dawg did not have his day.


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