Coronavirus latest area-by-area breakdown – as officials declare pandemic

The latest list of confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases, area-by-area, has been released again this evening.

Broken down by local authority area, it shows those areas worst hit, and those yet to see any cases.

The list is in alphabetical order for ease of navigation.

Meanwhile there are 30 local authority areas marked as "awaiting confirmation".

The counts for the Isles of Scilly and City of London have been combined with Cornwall and Hackney respectively, for 'disclosure control'.

Globally, coronavirus has become a pandemic, the World Health Organisation says.

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Coronavirus area-by-area breakdown

* By upper tier local authority 

Doctors say that while there are no antiviral therapies or vaccines available for treatment or prevention at the moment, there are ways we can help reduce spread.

Several studies evaluating antivirals for MERS-CoV infection are under way.

Studying patients’ response to  Covid-19  will provide essential information on the infection, immunity, and inflammation, and it will help identify biomarkers of immune protection like antibodies, and disease severity.

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