Coronavirus warning: Should you clean your jewellery to avoid coronavirus risk?

It might be time to give that engagement ring an extra polish after an Australian nurse shared a post on Facebook advising us all to be disinfecting our jewellery. It makes sense that our precious chains and gems harbour bacteria, and could put us more at risk of catching the virus. How do we clean our jewellery to avoid coronavirus?

Do I need to clean my jewellery to avoid coronavirus?

Using soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitiser is well and good, but what about the accessories you use to adorn those hands and wrists?

The nurse said: “I will admit I am a bit of a clean freak and germaphobe… but I am a nurse and so hand hygiene is huge for me.”

She went on to recommend using disinfectant and antiseptic wipes on your rings, bracelets, and watches every single day.

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How do you clean your rings?

The nurse, who is currently travelling Japan with her fiancé, went to say: “I take my engagement ring off and clean it with the swabs before I put it back on.”

It makes sense, since the gaps in jewellery could pick up bacteria very easily.

She pointed out: “Who knows what’s been jammed in those little creases?”

How can I keep my hands clean amid coronavirus?

We all know the drill, wash your hands as often as you can and carry sanitiser with you but when is it most important to disinfect?

The nurse said: “We used it before and after toilets and eating mainly.”

It’s also important to keep your sanitiser within reaching distance, as rummaging through your bag with dirty hands is problematic.

The nurse said: “It’s really not hard to reach around to the side for hand sanitiser instead of going through the bag to find the bottles. Work around it. You’ll find a way”

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What do I do in public bathrooms to protect myself against coronavirus?

In the wordy post the woman took on more than just hands and jewellery, giving strict rules regarding toilet hygiene.

She also recommended putting hand sanitiser on toilet seats, and then placing a layer of toilet paper on seats before she sits on them.

You thought washing your hands after you go to the toilet was enough? Nope, the nurse said you actually need to wash your hands before and after you go to the toilet.

And after that, you must not use hand driers, she said: “Bacteria thrives in those hand dryers because it contains moisture and warmth.

“Always use hand towels if it’s there, if not, I just try to shake my hands dry and then use hand sanitiser again.’”

What other items do I need to keep clean?

In this generation, we’re all attached to our mobile phones – so do we need to disinfect these too?

Yes, is the answer. The nurse cleans her mobile phone every night with antiseptic wipes, making sure it doesn’t touch her bed until the process is done.

We all seem to forget about our clothes, weirdly.

In the post she also warned readers not to touch their beds with outdoor clothes, or to get tucked in without having a shower first.

“I don’t get into bed without a good shower. This is also my own rule at home. Dirty clothes don’t touch the bed,” she said.

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