Creative inventors are turning children’s drawings into life-sized realities

A pair of engineers are inspiring kids to dream big and be creative by turning inventions from their imagination into reality.

Kids Invent Stuff is a YouTube channel run by duo Ruth Amos and Shawn Brown, who ask children to submit invention drawings.

Each month they ask primary school pupils to send in designs for specific briefs, like 'crazy new vehicles'.

Once an idea is selected the inventive duo set out to build a real-life version of it that actually works, while filming the whole process.

Their slime canon car was one of their first big hits.

The idea was sent in by an eight-year-old and featured a car with a roof canon that spewed out edible gunge.

In the video they explain to viewers, in simple terms, how the structure will be built and what it takes to pump slime through a nozzle.

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They then made the edible gunk out of water, flour, icing sugar, white sugar, marshmallows, food colouring and sprinkles.

An electric pump was attached to a rotating plate, made using a wheel-bearing, and all of that was mounted on an electric raising platform that bursts through the roof of the car at the touch of a button.

In another video they built the 'world's first popcorn firing doorbell', where a leaf blower is used to send popcorn flying out of a letter box at the touch of the doorbell.

Ruth says that the pair are keen to encourage the younger generation to embrace their creativity whilst also learning some basics about engineering and building.

"It's a great first look into the world of engineering for children, it engages them with learning by having fun", she said.

"We want to show how fun engineering is."

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Their videos are appealing to both adults and kids who have the creative bug.

The channel has currently racked up 12,400 subscribers and their most popular video has over 80,000 views.

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Shawn is an engineer and designer who has previously created his own energy products.

He also helped bring the UK's largest mechanical puppet, 'The Man Engine', to life.

He's an accomplished public speaker and his Tedx talk, 'Neurodiversity: an untapped resource for future inventors' offers a compelling case for teaching children with learning difficulties in a way that best suits them.

Ruth first featured in the media as a teenager after inventing a handrail to help those who struggle to climb the stairs.

The StairSteady is a patented design that Ruth created in her Design and Technology GCSE lessons.

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The brief was to design something to solve a problem and Ruth decided to set to work on something to help her teacher's mother, who couldn't climb the stairs but didn't want a stairlift.

Initially, "just wanting to do a good job" was the only thing on Ruth's mind, but she soon gained the interest of a local company who helped her produce a prototype.

The StairSteady helps thousands of people get up their stairs without the financial and spacial considerations of a stairlift.

Kids Invent Stuff ask for new ideas every month… so maybe one day your child's imaginary invention could be brought to life!

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