Dad can’t hide ‘disappointment’ at gender reveal and viewers are in stitches

Footage a dad looking upset after the gender reveal of his new baby has gone viral on TikTok – with many people finding it hilarious.

In the clip, uploaded on the app by user @matthb92, the dad is in a garden with a group of revellers who are clearly excited to find out the sex of the baby.

The dad does the honour of the big reveal, holding aloft a giant black balloon which he pops with a pin.

Pink balloons, confetti, and silly string steaks out of the balloon – they're expecting a girl – and the gathered friends and family erupt into whoops and cheers of celebration.

But the dad doesn't cheer or even smile and appears to look a bit annoyed – although he might be playacting for the amusement of his pals.

He mutters something inaudible and flings a piece of silly string away from his hand and onto the ground, with his reaction making another guest burst into giggles.

The video has been "liked" nearly 5,000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday, April 25, and many people have shared their thoughts about so-called "gender disappointed".

Some people said the dad shouldn't have reacted in that way, but others were sympathetic and pointed out he already had a daughter and many people want a child of each gender.

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One person commented: "I have four girls lol after the second I stopped doing the gender reveal."

Similarly, a second viewer wrote: "This happened to me four times."

"At least he is honest, every man wants a boy if you already have a girl," piped up somebody else.

A fourth viewer joked: "Did not look happy oh well that’s two weddings he’s got to pay for."

Defending the dad against trolls who said his daughter would find the reaction "hurtful", somebody else commented: "If I was the daughter seeing this I would it’s hilarious."

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