Daniel Craig Churns Out Wild, Goofy Twist On ‘No Time To Die’ On ‘SNL’

The release of Daniel Craig’s new 007 film “No Time To Die” is being delayed because of the coronavirus scare. So Craig offered up instead a campy, over-the-top take on the movie during his monologue on “Saturday Night Live.”

Touted as a “sneak peek,” the clip features Craig at one of his favorite places, a casino. But he is decidedly not his usually eternally suave 007 self and gets giggly and bonkers when he begins winning at the craps table. The crazy crowd is way more Vegas than cool Casino Royale.

Check it out up top. But don’t bet anything.

Another sketch played off Craig’s transformation from the very British Bond to  detective Benoit Blanc from the American South — with accent transformation — in the mystery “Knives Out.” HIs “dialect coach” Beck Bennett shows how it’s done here:


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