Easy hack shows how to remove sticky labels on gifts

If you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, you truly deserve a pat on the back.

But before any gift is packed and wrapped, it’s important to remember to take the price tag off.

And these incredibly sticky labels can be pesky little things.

Pull too much and you’ll take off some of the label, cardboard or box underneath it – but pull too little and you’ll be left with a patchy mess.

Thankfully, an Australian TikToker has come to the rescue with a simple-yet-effective method for taking the label off without ripping the tag, or leaving sticker marks.

TikTok user @tony.zak says his technique is the perfect way to hide the price from someone, if you bought them a ‘cheap gift.’

All you need to hand is a sandwich press – as the unlikely kitchen appliance can help get a sticky label off in seconds.

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In his video, Tony says: ‘If you buy someone a cheap present and you want to hide the price, grab a [sandwich press], cook the price tag for about 20 seconds and the tag will come off as good as new.’

Tony’s video has since been viewed more than 4.2 million times – as no doubt many people are keen to try it over the festive period.

However, other people have chipped in with their own hacks for taking off sticky labels – such as using a hair dryer or straightener to remove it.

Last year, another TikToker went viral for sharing her own technique – which involves using a strip of tape to ‘wax it off.’

She starts by ripping off tape from her dispenser, then presses it onto the label, leaving a tab at the end. She then pulls the tab, lifting the whole thing quickly – like you would with a wax strip – and shows how she removes all the stickers in seconds.

Other popular alternatives include using steam and lighter fluid (although, please be careful with both of these methods).

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