EE takes on Vodafone and O2 with new affordable data plans

EE has launched pay as you go packs the network claims are its simplest pay as you go plans yet. As you’d expect, the updated range is designed for customers who want a bit more flexibility and don’t want to be tied down to a contract.

The UK network is claiming its new constellation of pay as you go options offer greater data and minutes allowances than ever before. Better still, customers will have the option to receive a boost of either data, texts or minutes every three months, effectively increasing their overall allowance. Of course, that’s part of a play by EE to get you to stay with them for as long as possible.

EE’s pay as you go packs start from £1 but climb in cost if you want more data. Here’s a full list of tariffs available:

• £1 Talk – 10Mb data, 100 minutes, 200 texts

• £10 Talk – 2GB data, 400 minutes, unlimited texts

• £10 – 4GB data, 100 minutes, unlimited texts

• £15 – 8GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts

• £20 – 15GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts

• £25 – 30GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts

• £30 – 60GB data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts

Announcing the new range of pay as you go plans Edward Goff, Marketing Director at EE, said: “Our new pay as you go packs make choosing the right deal easier than ever. We have simplified our packs and increased the data and minutes available across the range. With Data Rollover, Free Boosts and the UK’s fastest 4G network, customers can get better value than ever before.”

Unfortunately, the new pay as you go packs don’t come with any of EE’s signature Swappable Benefits, meaning you can’t choose any add-ons to get free data streaming on Apple Music and the like.

Additionally, the plans are also limited to 4G, meaning you won’t be able to leverage next-generation 5G speeds, even if you have a 5G phone.

On a more positive note, EE has assured customers they can use their allowances in up to 48 destinations across Europe, so you won’t have to worry about incurring any additional roaming charges if you holiday in the continent.

So how do the new plans from EE compare to those from O2 and Vodafone? Well, EE offers more data for a cheaper price than the former – O2’s current pay as you go plans max out at £30 per month and that’ll get you 20GB of data. However, it’s worth noting the UK network sometimes introduces offers that are pretty compelling. O2 is currently selling its 10GB plan for £20 per month, however it’s currently offering customers 50GB of internet for the first three months, for example.

Taking coverage out of the equation, Vodafone certainly has the edge over EE when it comes to pay as you go plans. The provider similarly sells a range of plans with varying levels of data, although you typically get more with Vodafone than EE – the provider’s £10 bundle comes with 9GB as opposed to EE’s 4GB, for instance.

But Vodafone’s ace in the hole is certainly the fact its pay as you go plans are 5G-ready. That means if you have a phone capable of supporting the next-generation network, you can take advantage with an unparalleled amount of flexibility.

You can view Vodafone’s pay as you go plans here and O2’s offerings here.

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