Eerie photos of some of America's biggest cities that are empty due to the coronavirus

  • As the coronavirus spreads in the US, people are self-isolating.
  • Some states and cities have called for residents to shelter in place, and others have ordered the closure of nonessential businesses.
  • Once bustling metropolises are now left eerily empty.
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As the number of coronavirus cases in the US grows, people across the country are self-isolating and distancing themselves socially, while cities and states across the US are ordering the closure of nonessential businesses or for residents to shelter in place.

The result? Once bustling metropolises are now left eerily empty, their once-busy streets devoid of humans.

Keep scrolling to see photos of some of America's biggest cities during the coronavirus pandemic.

New York City's Times Square is one of the world's most-visited tourist attractions, but today it's a ghost town.

Usually, it sees nearly 380,000 pedestrians every single day.

Broadway has also shut down as large gatherings were banned in New York.

New York City usually sees around 67 million tourists a year.

Source: The New York Times

Now, its streets are empty as people practice social distancing.

With around 750,000 daily visitors, Grand Central Terminal is usually one of the busiest spots in New York City…

Source: Grand Central Terminal

But people are avoiding public transportation like the Metro-North…

… and the subway.

Even tourist-magnet the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is empty.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles closed its doors on March 12.

Los Angeles without its infamous traffic is extra eerie.

Boston, which has a large Irish population and usually celebrates the holiday excessively, is devoid of people this St. Patrick's Day.

The T, its public transportation system, also remains empty.

Few venture out onto the streets.

Not even to the usually bustling Quincy Market.

In San Francisco, a shelter in place mandate was imposed Monday, forcing residents to stay inside for three weeks.

The mandate has rendered the city practically deserted, as residents may only venture out for necessities.

Casinos and resorts all along Las Vegas' famous strip have shuttered. Many already had to lay off employees.

Source: USA Today

Casinos are empty…

… despite safety precautions.

The once-bustling gambling and partying mecca is now desolate.

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