End of the world: Humans are killing the planet but it’s not too late, expert warns

The world is heading towards a global, climate catastrophe according to the scientific consensus. Climate change and global warming threaten to submerge swathes of the planet underwater, while others will suffer from drought and heatwaves.

But not all hope is lost just yet and some experts believe humans can still turn the tide to prevent total annihilation.

Professor Piotr Skubała from the University of Silesia’s Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection in Poland believes human civilisation can still be preserved.

Unfortunately, the expert fears the same cannot be said for many species of wildlife.

He told Onet.pl: “Scientists live in hope, so we must believe something can still be done.


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“Given the attitude, I fear it’s too late and many species will die out and millions will suffer.

“If we change our approach, then we will survive as a civilisation, but we will have to learn to live differently.

“But it does not mean live worse. Differently, smarter, directing our attention to other, immaterial spheres of life.”

According to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 13 markers indicate whether we have reached the tipping point.

Professor Skubała said we have already passed seven of the markers, which does not bode well for the future of the planet.

He said: “Scientists fear passing more can trigger a domino effect and we will not be able to stop that.”

I fear it’s too late and many species will die out and millions will suffer

Professor Piotr Skubała, University of Silesia

The IPCC outlines the disastrous effects of global warming of just 1.5C (2.5F) above pre-industrial levels.

The effects include prolonged periods of drought, rising temperatures and loss of arable land and drinking water.

Professor Skubała said: “Truthfully, we are doing everything wrong. Change needs to be radical, immediate and on every level.

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“It needs to include agriculture, forestry, urban planning and energy.

“The problem seems to be whether we will be able to implement these changes.

“It requires a change in thinking, redefining man’s role as part of a bigger community, that is the biosphere.

“Most of us, unfortunately, do not feel part of this community, which is why we don’t have a problem with destroying the environment around us.

“On a global scale, this is a catastrophic influence on our planet.”

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