‘Endangered’ baby names going extinct in the UK – including Gemma and Hannah

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Choosing a name for your baby is always a big decision – and many of us have pored over books looking for the right one.

And, whether you want something unique or more popular it’s always good to know which names are in fashion at any given time.

Currently “micro-names” – like Luna and Arlo – are proving to be winners "across the English-speaking world and much of Europe" in 2021.

Plus, old-fashioned names like Bertie, Agnes and Clara have been making a comeback.

But, what about names which are falling out of favour?

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A number of monikers have dropped in popularity and are at risk of becoming “endangered” if they don’t see a resurgence.

According to new research by name label manufacturer My Nametags, Gemma and Kieran are the names most at risk of going extinct, while Aria and Albie are racing up the charts.

The data was found by looking at a data base of of over 1.5m names – it found that use of Gemma and Kieran had fallen by more than 65% over the last decade.

My Nametags adds that there were only 36 uses of the name Gemma in 2020 and none so far in 2021 and only four Kierans were added to the list this year.

Some other names at risk of going extinct include Rebecca, Tia, Aimee, Heather, Scott, Kyle, Ross and Reece.

Lars B. Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags, said: "At My Nametags, we see thousands of names every day and we were interested to see how the popularity of certain names has changed over time.

“Our analysis revealed that names once popular with Baby Boomers, such as Gemma, Kieran, Hannah, and Ryan, are experiencing a steep decline in overall popularity."

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He continued: "These names are being replaced by new favourites, and we were interested to find that modern parents tend to fall into three distinct camps when it comes to naming their children.

“The data shows a strong trend for modern names influenced by pop culture, vintage names that are having a come-back, and shortened versions of more traditional names, such as Ronnie and Albie.

"We hope that our list can provide some inspiration to expectant parents – and perhaps even help to save Gemma and Kieran from total extinction!"

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