Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance and What It Covers For Coronavirus

If you have travel plans in the next few months, chances are you’re trying to figure out what to do in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. While some people have canceled all travel plans as an extra precaution, others are forging ahead and just being extra careful. But what if something were to happen at the last minute? That’s usually where travel insurance comes in handy, but when it comes to the coronavirus, it’s not so cut and dry. According to CNN, travel insurance will only cover your trip if you or someone you’re traveling with has coronavirus, meaning canceling your trip due to just a fear of traveling won’t be covered. At this point, travel insurance companies have declared coronavirus as a “foreseen event,” meaning if you’ve booked a trip recently, you’ve agreed to travel at your own risk as far as your provider’s concerned.

Standard travel insurance offered by airlines or through partnerships with online booking agencies strictly cover “unforeseen events” like accidental injuries, unexpected sicknesses, or the death of a family member. This means, unless you or a person you’re traveling with has a confirmed case of COVID-19 before or during your trip, you won’t be covered or entitled to financial compensation. If you’ve already purchased a flight and insurance assuming that fear of the coronavirus pandemic would be reason enough to cancel, look up your specific insurance provider to find their current position. Before you get discouraged, however, there are still two promising alternatives: “cancel for any reason” travel insurance or altering your travel plans through the airline itself.

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