Ex-cruise ship worker dishes the secrets all guests should know before boarding

A former cruise ship worker has spilled the beans on what he wishes he could have told holidaymakers on the big cruise ships – but was never allowed to.

The insider, who no longer travels the world on one of the big ocean liners, said he would love to have spoken out during his time on board.

Having left the sea for drier pastures new Paul, whose surname we've chosen to leave out, said he wished he told guests three major pitfalls.

Paul said he wanted to tell people on board not to buy the photos you are upsold on board, with anything from posing with the captain before dinner, or looking out romantically with a loved one at sunset, photographers are always on had.

Posing for the perfect shot is of course free and something that many guest enjoy getting dressed up for, but Paul warns the photos are so expensive.

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He told Express.co.uk : “I wish I could tell passengers not to buy any photos of themselves on board. Way too pricey.”

And he didn't stop there with his ways to save yourself money.

Paul added that the slot machines on board may be too good to be true.

"They set the payouts so low that hardly anybody wins a jackpot," he said. "And the lines can get away with it because we are in International Waters.”

The former crew member added that he wouldn't recommend passengers splashed out on a balcony room, which always come with a higher price tag.

"[I wish I could tell passengers] not to get a balcony cabin, waste of money for such a small area and if you want to enjoy yourself, you don't want to be in your cabin too much anyways."

And while some may disagree with the insiders room choice, there is one piece of advice he wants everyone to listen to.

He claimed: “Don't use the hot tubs. All cruise lines don't run them hot enough. Trust me it's easy to pick up some bacterial infections like ringworm because of this.”

Paul also has one top tip that he says will get you guaranteed rock star service.

“Tip your Hotel Steward the first day in cash to ensure you get lots of freebies and better service throughout the cruise,” he said.

“Ask them if you can get any amenities for them while you are off the ship and they cannot get off that port day.

"You will be their rock star for life.”

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