Farrah Abraham Says Chrissy Teigen Shouldn’t Be ‘Canceled’ For Trolling Her: She Needs To ‘Reset’ & Reflect

The former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star is weighing in after the model issued a second apology for telling a teenage Courtney Stodden to take ‘a dirt nap.’

Farrah Abraham is wading into the Chrissy Teigen cyberbullying scandal, and the reality TV personality doesn’t think the model should be banished for her mistakes. The 30-year-old former Teen Mom OG star told HollywoodLife that Chrissy shouldn’t be “canceled” for trolling her, Courtney Stodden and others on Twitter.

“I don’t believe in cancel culture,” the mom-of-one said. “I actually feel like that is very traumatic in another way and will create a lot of harm for our next generation.” “I don’t use the word ‘cancel’ in my vocabulary unless it’s an event got canceled,” she added. “I do believe that people must take a break for themselves. Do a fricking reset, because reflecting and reviewing helps people so much.”

“When I left Teen Mom, I reflected, I reviewed and I knew that I didn’t want to put myself around a toxicity that made me act out in such horrible ways and it was very awful to be stuck in that rut,” Farrah said, referring to her 2017 exit from the MTV show that made her famous. “And whatever rut that Chrissy is stuck in, I think some good reflection, time away from work [will help].”

Farrah’s comments come after the model’s career went into a tailspin when Courtney Stodden accused her of bullying them when they were 16 and married to Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison who was in his 50s. In a May 10 Daily Beast article Courtney accused Chrissy of telling them (who identifies as non-binary) to kill themselves in a series of public tweets and private messages, saying she wanted them to take a “dirt nap.” Two days later, amidst the loss of a series of sponsorship deals, Chrissy apologized.

Since then other people, including Farrah, have accused the mom-of-two of targeting them. In 2013, for example, Chrissy mocked the reality TV star’s solo sex tape, calling her a “whore” in a tweet. Meanwhile, former Project Runway star Michael Costello alleged in an Instagram post that her behavior towards him left him suicidal.

Despite saying in a June 14 Medium essay that she is in the process of “privately reaching out to the people I insulted” to say sorry, Farrah said she has yet to hear from Chrissy. “I just feel like you can say as much as you want that you will be apologizing to people privately, but I think that should have already been done,” she said. “I think she’s had years – and when I say years, it’s really been years. I’m not being over dramatic. I’m not making up anything. She has had years to apologize privately in her own time.

“Courtney Stodden, my friend, was like, ‘Well, she did apologize to me…and then blocked me.’ Again, that shows no growth or sincerity. I will also say I’ve never been apologized to on any platform.”

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Farrah believes that both she and her 12-year-old daughter Sophia deserve an apology. “When you hurt mothers, you hurt their kids,” she said. “You continue that cycle for generations. So, I deserve an apology, my child deserves an apology.”

If that happens, Farrah said she’d accept it. “Like every other person who’s attacked me and apologized, I accept the apology and I wish them all the best because, truthfully, it makes all the world of difference to just help somebody heal and move on.”

Farrah believes that, if Chrissy, takes the time to reset, she will have “have some breakthrough that’s really gonna help her.” She added: “And I just wish that for the betterment of her and her children and everybody who’s been affected by her behavior.”

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