Fenty Beauty’s Latest Pencil Saved My Brows

It would be impossible to list out all of the ways Rihanna has changed my life for the better because she’s continuously aiding in my path toward beauty enlightenment (see: her soon-to-launch skincare line). Simply put: Rihanna is my religion, and it’s with a trusting heart that I follow any route she presents to us mortals. Of her many generous offerings, the Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Pencil has profoundly impacted me in ways which only Harry Styles singing Fleetwood Mac can. 

Rihanna says brows “are the MVP of the face,” and Rihanna does not ever lie. I’ve struggled to find love in brow pencils of yesteryear because they so often smudge or leave me looking like a character from Jersey Shore — I’m talking the early seasons. These experiences taught me that one thing looks worse than my natural brows, and it’s my overdone brows. But this ultra-fine pencil changed the entire look of my face for the better in just one use.

Was I surprised that Rihanna’s brow pencil was so fine, and stayed that way, during my first go? Yes, and for doubting Rihanna’s makeup, I repent. 

Like most people, my brows thin out toward the ends, so filling in the center and the sides are two completely different processes. With the Brow MVP, I can lightly fill in and shape where my brows begin, then lengthen and define the ends that need a little more TLC. The brow pencil comes with a built-in paddle brush that perfectly blends each stroke and fluffs up hairs for a natural finish. 

The pencil allows me to highlight my face in a way that makes me feel confident and pretty, giving it a more defined shape. Plus it’s so easy to diversify my looks with this tool: The slim pencil can apply incredibly thin and realistic strokes, which is great for when I want a natural look for the office. If I’m going out for the night (or if I want a distraction from an unwanted pimple invading my chin and thus my life), it’s just as easy to apply a bold, rich brow.

Brow MVP is waterproof, resistant to smudging, and lasts the whole day. For me, it’s outlasted hot yoga classes, rain showers, and all-nighters — you’d be hard-pressed to find another brow pencil with the capabilities and range of this one. There are 14 shade options available to ensure that you’ll find your perfect match, and you can shop them all for 30 percent off today. (For my brown eyebrows, I use the Dark Ashe Blonde pencil; using a shade lighter produces the most natural-looking finish.)

Join me on this path to beauty enlightenment. We’ll listen to ANTI while we fill in our Rihanna-worthy brows together. 

Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler True Red

Shop now: $14; fentybeauty.com

Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler Light Blonde

Shop now: $14; fentybeauty.com

Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler Dark Brown

Shop now: $14; fentybeauty.com

Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler Dark Ashe Blonde

Shop now: $14; fentybeauty.com

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