Fern Britton didnt want life cut short as she talks life-saving surgery

Ex-This Morning host Fern Britton has opened up about her gastric band surgery, which saved her life.

Speaking on Iain Dale’s Book Club podcast, the award-winning presenter talked about her career and how her role in the media meant that everyone knew about her health issues.

She said: “I had my gastric band put in, which was wonderful and I really believe I could have one thing for myself. [It was] a private medical procedure, which to be honest, was pretty life-saving because I was heading towards arthritis and diabetes and I didn’t want my life cut short.”

During the lead-up to her surgery, Fern shared she was working on This Morning and received hundreds of emails every day from viewers expressing ‘concern’ about her weight.

It was back in 2008 that Fern decided to undergo a gastric band operation. It is a surgery used by those looking to lose weight quickly, as it limits what can be eaten in one sitting.

Fern went from a size 22 to a size 12 after the procedure.

She was disappointed that her surgery was public knowledge: “I did feel weight loss and my own little operation was for me only, but it wasn’t, so there we go.”

Iain was sympathetic, saying: “The more that people talk about these things the more it actually helps people feel like they are not the only ones.”

Since her stint on This Morning, and after her surgery saved her life, Fern has appeared on ITV’s Culinary Genius, A Right Royal Quiz, and Channel 5’s Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers.”

However, she did confirm on Iain’s podcast that she would not “want to do a daily television programme like I did, but I did have my time in the sun… so it’s my turn in the shade".

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