Finally, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and aluminum foil

Recently New York passed its plastic bag ban, which eliminates the single-use item from grocery stores, bodegas, and retailers. And between the recent ban on plastic bags and a variety of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops doing away with plastic straws, your carbon footprint is about to get a whole lot smaller.

But if you think that all of the single-use plastic in your life is finally out of the picture, think again. There seems to be one environmentally-unfriendly item we use on a daily basis that many of us can’t seem to shake off: plastic wrap. From wrapping our lunches to saving our leftovers, these have become our go-to on a daily basis. The sad reality is that like most plastic, these often discarded items take nearly 1,000 years to decompose.

Looking to go full eco-warrior and do away with plastic wrap completely? Opt for the Food Guard Lid, a stretchable, stackable, washable, and more importantly reusable eco-friendly silicone topper that does exactly what plastic wrap does — only better. As one reviewer exclaims, they are a “great step forward for quitting Cling Wrap!”

The lid molds to virtually any size food container, plate, bowl, etc., and can help keep your meals fresh for you to enjoy later in the week. They even stack in your fridge as any other food container would. And its heatproof design means that you can even pop them into the microwave when you’re looking to reheat leftovers.

As a bonus, Food Guard Lids are also BPA-free and have an FDA-approved design.

And unlike plastic wrap, one Food Guard Lid gets plenty of use, so much so you’ll soon be wondering why you ever used single-use plastic wrap to store your meals in the first place.

For those looking to lessen their carbon footprint, we have even better news: Currently, a pack of five Food Guard Lids is on sale for $16.99, or 15% off its original retail price.

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