Frito-Lay Brings the Heat to Cheetos, Mike's Popcorn and Doritos With Japanese Spices

Frito-Lay is cranking up the heat this summer with three new snacks, Cheetos, Mike’s Popcorn, and Doritos, infused with Japanese spices.

The new flavors are based on classic Japanese spices: “Shichimi Pepper,” “Wasabi” and “Mentaiko.” While the last one isn’t exactly a spice, the flavor will embody some of its heat. Mike’s Popcorn will be flavored with “Yawataya Isogorō Shichimi,” a 285-year-old spice characterized by its strong taste of dried ginger and other aromas. Doritos will be “Wasabi”-flavored; Cheetos, “Mentaiko.” All three products will be manufactured in specific areas of Japan that specialize in those flavors.

No official release dates have been confirmed, but Frito-Lay’s new Japan-inspired snacks are expected to land this summer — prices have yet to be revealed.

In case you missed it, check out three of Lay’s upcoming summer flavors.
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