Future Must Have Done His Taxes, Because He's Too Turned Up In 'Tycoon'

Future’s first solo release of 2020 is here. “Tycoon” is a promise to keep going up until a toe tag is placed on the veteran rapper. It feels like a valedictorian’s speech at a high school graduation, directly before caps are tossed in the air. You have to respect and admire Future’s determination.

“Tycoon” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence.” Future dedicates his not-flexing bars here to showing off this tycoon status, explaining the level of sway that he has with the people around him. Aside from promising to live “until I’m like 80,” Future explains his security detail for anyone who would possibly think of testing him. To summarize two verses, please don’t even think about it.

Its video follows two parallel stories. One is of Future and his girlfriend who are living the good life, preparing to board a plane, while the second one follows a group of masked men preparing for a robbery at what looks to be Future’s house. The rapper’s trip happens successfully, as we see him help his partner onboard, while the criminals fail miserably. When they break into the house, there’s someone waiting for them with a weapon pointed their direction. So, in the end, the good guys prevail and the bad guys lose.

Earlier this year, Future dropped a few songs with Drake: “Desires” and “Life Is Good” along with its remix that features DaBaby and Lil Baby. Prior to that, he shared the Save Me EP last June, which followed his seventh studio album, The Wizrd, that came out that January.

Check out Future’s video for “Tycoon” up above.

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